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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Essential oils are steam distilled or cold-pressed from flowers, fruit, bark, seeds and roots. Aromatherapy utilizes these plant-based essences to holistically promote health and ease a wide range of ailments from decreasing pain to inducing sleep. When our mind and body are in harmony, we have an overall sense of well-being.

Clinical Aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils for specific outcomes that are measurable. The effects can be physical or psychological. At Healing Blue Bottle, we blend custom aromatic formulations according to your specific needs.

Although we enjoy them, mass-marketed, man-made fragrance oils, perfumes and other artificially made substitutes cannot produce the therapeutic results that pure, high quality essential oils do. That is why every essential oil that we use carries the proper Latin binomial name, country of origin, part of plant used and chemotype or subspecies, where applicable. There are absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives in any of our products. Our prepared healing synergies are hand blended in small batches so you can rest assured they are of high quality.

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Monica Doshi Weichand started Healing Blue Bottle in response to her own desire to find pure, simple ingredients for her home and body care products. One of her main goals is to educate others about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in maintaining a holistic lifestyle.


A well-trained Clinical Aromatherapist can pair your exclusive chemical affinity to particular smells with your goal for an enhanced physical body and serene mental state.