Aromatherapy Consulations

Join me on a uniquely individual aromatic journey. We will discuss how essential oils may improve your body, mind and/or space. Together we fill out a health history profile. This includes information on current symptoms, previous illnesses and any medications or supplements you may be taking. Certain essential oils are contraindicated by medical conditions or allergies. We also discuss your general emotional state and how that may affect your physical body. All this information becomes the basis for your personalized aromatic blends. Become allies with essential oils that inspire you to house a more harmonious body.

Formulas for muscular and joint-related pain relief, sleep aides, skin imbalances, sinus relief, anti-infectious room sprays, cooling spritzers, massage oils, hand salves and much more. Our job is to assess what you need for more optimal health and how aromatherapy can support that goal.

One custom blended product included with each assessment. Call 973-769-3486 to start your journey now.